Taranaki Referees


The Taranaki Rugby Referees Association (TRRA) has had an affiliation with the Taranaki Rugby Football Union (TRFU) for over 100 years. 

Rugby is played every weekend from March to November and the TRRA provides referees for matches from representative matches to premier club rugby, down to school and Small Blacks rugby. Referees play a key part in the fabric of rugby, not only in Taranaki, but across the world.

The TRRA has had a strong history of success including several test referees, national squad members and currently has four referees in the New Zealand Rugby High Performance system, including one professional.

You can be involved in our national game with a whistle in hand!


What you need to become a referee:

All you need is a love of the game, willingness to learn and a pair of boots, we will provide the rest from your gear, whistle and training and development

Coaching and training:

From March to the end of August the TRRA meet weekly during the season which features a number of training and development sessions, presentations, workshops and practical session to ensure every referee is up to speed with refereeing. Much of the training is interactive with plenty of healthy discussion about the phases of the game. The meetings are facilitated by the Referee Education Officer and utilises the strong resources in Taranaki from our high performance and premier referees to the Yarrow Taranaki Bulls coaching group.

Referee coaches view your refereeing and will provide feedback and advice to ensure you’re continuing to grow.

Click here to view the 2018 training and development schedule


  • Rugby Smart: A compulsory workshop for ALL coaches and referees hosted by the TRFU on behalf of New Zealand Rugby and ACC. This session includes the important safety aspects of the game. This is a compulsory course for. Please contact the TRFU for dates of these meetings
  • Blue Card: Every referee who is involved in community rugby down to 1st XV rugby will undergo training before the start of the season. This gives referees the right to issue a Blue Card if they suspect a player has concussion. The TRFU will then assist that player and the club with the return to play protocol
  • Associate Referee: This course if for coaches at a Small Blacks level (U13 below) and allows them to referee their matches if a TRRA referee hasn’t been appointed to a game. Please contact the TRFU for dates of these meetings

Referee Benefits:

  • Remain fit and involved in rugby if you don’t want to play or coach
  • Becoming more aware and knowledgeable of the game
  • Develop as a person on and off the field
  • Opportunity to meet new people and travel
  • Potential to advance and develop through the grades

Contact/Key people:

Will Johnston

Referee Education Officer



President/Chairman: Ray Hopkinson

Executive: Ray Hopkinson, Rob Lord, Stu Waite, Lionel Shaw, Grant Hassall, Joe Deegan, Darryl Heibner

Appointments: Rob Lord (afternoon), Joe Deegan (north morning), Lionel Shaw (south morning)

TRRA website www.taranakirra.com

TRRA Facebook page www.facebook.com/taranakirugbyrefs

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